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BSA Victim Stories – John Doe #1-15 v. Boy Scouts of America National Council

BSA Victim Stories – John Doe #1-15 v. Boy Scouts of America National Council

This suit alleging sexual abuse was filed by a group of Montana Men who joined a national law group preparing lawsuits against the Boy Scouts of America. Several of them are identified only by their initials, with their identities kept secret by their attorneys because of the lawsuit pending in court. 

Only some of them have come forward to make the details of the abuse they suffered at the hands of Boy Scout officials public. Victims range from teenagers to men in their 80s, and the allegations vary from showing pornographic photos to Boy Scouts, to molestation and rape.

Facts and arguments

More than a dozen men living in Montana have joined a national group, Abused in Scouting, and a trio of law firms is working with more than 1,300 men across the nation to bring a case against the BSA. The law group is also preparing to file a suit in Washington, D.C., with more than 700 clients.

One of the men, a David Yancey does not remember the name of the troop leader who sexually molested him, but alleges to a near perfect memory of his abuser’s face. According to him, he would be able to pick him out of line-up. Yancey, now 70, was abused at age 10, along with his brother when a troop leader invited the boys to spend the night in his tent.

Abused in Scouting has already brought one case against the Boy Scouts of America this year out of Pennsylvania. Two more suits were recently filed against the Montana Council alleging sex abuse. The lead attorney for AIS, thinks there are likely more Montana men who haven’t come forward yet.


The lead attorney, a Tim Kosnoff, was waiting to file when the BSA filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection. The January 2020 filing of Chapter 11 Bankruptcy by the BSA has paused all lawsuits in court pending the determination of the BSA’s bankruptcy petition.

If granted, claimants may still recover compensation for the abuse suffered. Otherwise, the cases currently pending in litigation will presumably be resumed.


We urge victims of Boy Scout sexual abuse to act quickly, come forward and consult our Boy Scout lawsuit attorneys. 

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