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Iowa Boy Scout Abuse Law

In a significant move aimed at aiding survivors of sexual abuse within the Boy Scouts of America (BSA), Iowa Governor Kim Reynolds signed a crucial law ensuring that victims of abuse by Boy Scout leaders in the state can access their full payouts from a national settlement. The bill, signed at the eleventh hour on Friday, marks a vital step towards justice and compensation for those who suffered abuse.

Background: The Boy Scouts Sexual Abuse Settlement

The Boy Scouts of America has faced mounting allegations of sexual abuse, leading to a $2.4 billion fund established by the organization to compensate survivors. However, Iowa's strict time limit on lawsuits for child sexual abuse would have resulted in survivors receiving significantly less compensation compared to survivors in other states. This limitation prompted urgent action to address the issue and ensure that Iowa survivors receive fair and equitable compensation.

Iowa's Response: Supporting Survivors with Urgent Legislation

In response to the impending deadline, the Iowa Legislature passed a last-minute bill, removing the time limit for survivors of Boy Scout abuse to file claims. The legislation was crucial to ensuring that survivors in Iowa could access the same level of compensation as survivors in other states.

Gov. Reynolds' Support for Survivors

Governor Kim Reynolds expressed her support for the bill and highlighted the significant emotional and psychological toll that survivors endure. Reynolds stated, “Even after an initial disclosure, it may take many more years before a victim is willing to file a legal action in a public court proceeding...We should not stand in the way of these survivors receiving their justified compensation."

Lawmakers' Response: A Bi-Partisan Effort

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The bill received overwhelming support from both Democrats and Republicans in the Iowa Legislature. Lawmakers recognized the urgency of the situation and came together to address the issue and support survivors.

Rep. Ann Meyer, who played a key role in advocating for the bill, stated, “We can’t reverse time. We can’t take away the damage. But we can help with the compensation."

Ensuring Legal Clarity

In amending the bill, lawmakers added language to ensure that the changes would not set a precedent for future legislative action. This addition aims to strengthen the bill's legal standing and protect it from potential challenges.

Seeking Justice

If you or someone you know was abused while participating in Boy Scouts activities, even if you now reside in another state, you have the right to seek damages.

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