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Construction Site Falls

Construction Site Falls

Falls, where construction sites are the topic of discussion, are arguably the most potent killers on a site. 

Improperly constructed or guarded scaffolding, wall openings, debris causing slips, floor holes and unmarked ledges, unguarded elevator shafts, unmarked trenches and excavation sites. All of these precede injuries that occur as result of falls on construction sites.

When these falls happen, they have devastating consequences. Construction accidents can range from minor to catastrophic. Death can sometimes occur as a result of these falls. Other times, they result in really serious injuries which can be incapacitating

If you or a family member were injured in these circumstances, our experienced construction law attorneys at Oshan and Associates can help. 

What the Law says About Construction Site Accidents 

Construction accident laws deal with the personal injury and wrongful death cases stemming from construction accidents. They were established to ensure the safety of the laborers on site. 

Various entities may be liable for construction injuries and accidents. They include architects, clients or owners, engineers and contractors, right through to the manufacturers of the construction equipment. 

The laws that guide construction are defined as strict or absolute liability statutes. This means that should a contractor or employer falter in their duty by not providing adequate protection against construction site falls, then they will be guilty. This applies even if there is negligence on the worker’s part. 

The Law guarantees the safety of workers involved in any of the phases of construction who need to use scaffolding, ladders, hangers, pulleys and other devices in order to do their jobs properly.

What happens in the event of a fall on a Construction Site?

If you get injured whilst working on a construction site or someone you love has been killed as a result of a fall or injuries sustained from construction accidents, there are steps to take to begin the process for claiming compensation;

  • Seek Medical Attention

In the event of your injury on a construction site, your immediate safety and health are the primary concern. If you are injured whilst working, then your obligation is to yourself first. Take care of yourself first. Be sure to get examined to know the extent of your injuries.

  • Meet an Attorney 

If you sustained injury or lost a loved one due to a construction site fall, this is the next step. You reach out to a New York construction law attorney with your case and due process can begin forthwith. A good attorney would help you with reaching out to Insurers or Defendants. A lawyer would also guide you in negotiating settlements. Negotiating with insurance companies on your own would be like jumping into a lion’s den. Your lawyer would help make sure you do so with diligent and aggressive representation.

  • Filing Summons and Complaints

This includes the process of exchanging evidence between both parties. This ensures both sides to have all the relevant information and the other necessary steps like attending depositions and physical examinations.

  • Trial and Appeal

This is the last stage of the entire process. If the insurance company does not agree to your settlement, a jury would have to decide. Trials are usually tricky, but with a good lawyer, it becomes easily navigable. 

If you get injured, or anyone you love is killed as a result of injuries sustained or accidents whilst working on a construction site, you may be able to recover compensation for your loss. 

Get Competent Legal Representation 

Oshan and Associates, P.C. was formed with the goal of providing aggressive, diligent and honest legal representation for every one who is a victim of these accidents.

At Oshan and Associates, P.C. we will take the time to sit with you and carefully examine your case to determine the way forward. You are better off the moment you decide to reach out to highly skilled lawyers about the situation, and this gets even better when we are your choice.

A competent and experienced New York construction law attorney can make all the difference between winning a Personal Injury lawsuit and losing out to the opposition. 

Oshan Associates, P.C. is here to help ensure you never lose compensation that should rightfully be yours. We are passionate about helping you get the compensation you rightfully deserve in your personal injury case. 

You can reach out to us for a free no-obligation consultation on (646) 421-4062. Our office in New York is located at 43, West 43rd Street, Suite 233, New York, NY 10036 if you want to speak with us in real time.

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