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Welding Construction Accidents

Welding Construction Accidents

Welders are pivotal to the construction industry in New York, but are also in a very dangerous profession. Welding accidents can happen to even the most experienced welder.

Statistics show that more than 1 in 250 construction workers will suffer fatal injuries from welding over a working lifetime.

If you or any of your loved ones have been  involved in a welding accident. You are entitled to benefits which will aid you financially while you recover. Contact us at Oshan and Associates, P.C. today for us to make sure that happens.

Common Injuries which occur from welding accidents

The Occupational Safety & Health Administration (OSHA) and the New York State Department of Labor made various regulations to avert welding accidents. Despite this, welders are still exposed to and suffer several accidents in their workplace. Such accidents lead to some or all of the injuries explained below:

Skin Injuries

The ultraviolet radiation and sparks from welding can cause serious burns to a welder's skin. Where this occurs for a very long time,it  could lead to skin cancer.


During a welding process, sparks are usually emitted. If such sparks come in contact with a highly volatile equipment around, it could lead to an extremely fatal explosion. 

Eye injuries

Welders are always exposed to bright lights and 'welder's flash'. Where this penetrates into the retina, it can lead to eye injuries and sometimes permanent blindness.


Being exposed to chemical and toxic fumes which when inhaled could lead to life threatening damages.


Death could also occur if the injuries are very fatal or proper medical attention was not given to the welder when a serious accident occurred.

How welding accidents in New York City can be prevented

Employers can take various safety precautions in avoiding accidents in construction sites.

  • Flammable and volatile equipment or chemicals should be kept far away from the workplace.
  • Fumes generated during the welding process should be cleared by proper ventilation of the workplace.
  • Welders are to be provided with safety equipment to avert the occurrence of fatal accidents.
  • Employers can have welders trained on how to handle equipment before and after use in order to ensure it is safe and not damaged.

What to do immediately after a welding accident

Get medical attention to treat your injuries. If you have not sustained any injuries, it is still advised you visit the hospital because some injuries may not be obvious. Also, you might have suffered shock, so it's best you seek medical attention immediately.

Upon getting appropriate medical care, report your accident to your employer. 

Consult an experienced welding accident lawyer. This will enable you to get the best representation to ensure you get the compensation you deserve.

Also, take note of the following:

  • Do not sign any document without consulting a lawyer
  • Do not distort facts 
  • Do not accept fault for the accident

How we can help you

At, Oshan and Associates, P.C., a competent construction law attorney will make a difference in your claim. We will be with you at every step of the process.

We will  help you recover medical expenses, and wages you've lost  as a result of being absent from work due to the accident.

We will get useful evidence which points at you being the victim. Any evidence which shows the negligence of your employers will help establish your case. This can be done by visiting your workplace, interviewing fellow workers etc.

We will handle communication with the Insurance company and your Employer. Employers will offer you less settlement despite laws existing to hold them accountable for welding accidents. 

Again, the Insurance companies will try everything within their power to pay less or avoid payment. However, as a law firm with experience in cases like this we will act on your behalf regarding communication with your employer and the insurance company to ensure you get your rightful compensation.

Get in touch with us online for a free 'no obligation' consultation here or call us at (206) 335-3880 or (646) 421-4062.

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