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Window Washer Accident Claims

Window Washer Accident Claims

Tending to windows on New York's high rises takes a lot of courage. People in these roles understand that negligence of any sort and from any angle may be punishable by death. 

But the skylines of New York City, which are compelling in their magnificence, need to remain clean for said magnificence to be a feature. As should be the case for a task so nerve wracking, mishaps are fairly rare. 

There are articles in city papers that make claims that washing windows in New York is safer than driving a cab. That is uncanny because the Universe is never so gracious.

Although accidents are a rarity in this line of work. When they do happen, these accidents almost always certainly lead to deaths. The ones who are by some luck survivors are rendered unable to live normal lives ever again. 

Terrible injuries can result, including scarring, permanent incapacitation and loss of limbs. This is why window washers must be properly provisioned with safety gear and assistance while they work.

If you provided this service and were injured due to a failure to provide proper safety equipment, you may have a right to sue. For years now, our New York construction law attorneys have successfully worked with people who suffered injuries or the families of those who suffered death in those situations. 

Nobody should have to experience the fear, pain and injuries caused by falling from such a height or the feeling of losing someone in these circumstances. If you were in this situation, we want to help you recover compensation for the harm you have suffered. 

Window Washing and The Law

Section 202 of the New York Labor Law contains stipulations that make provisions for workers who are engaged in Window Washing in the city. Under these stipulations, all building owners and contractors must require the usage of proper safety devices whilst cleaning the exterior of buildings. 

Additionally, the building owner is obliged to provide anchors and/or other fixed devices on the building for the safety of the window washer.

In cases where a ladder is faulty and causes a window washer to fall, contractors or building owners could be held liable. Section 240 of the New York Labor Law places strict liability on property owners and contractors for not providing workers with adequate protection devices and/or effective equipment. 

These laws are defined as strict or absolute liability statutes. In essence, if a contractor or building owner does not provide adequate protection for window washers against gravity related threats, then they will be held liable without regard for any sloppiness on the window washer’s part.

Cleaning crews encounter quite a number of dangers. That goes without saying. New York City is particularly dangerous for a number of reasons. Taller buildings and adverse weather conditions are only two of the factors that pose a challenge to the safety of window washers in New York City. 

Defective harnesses, absence of proper safety devices, lack of sound training and scaffold accidents are a few of the other factors that also pose challenges to their immediate safety.

This is why they must be properly protected. Our construction law attorneys have been helping people hold irresponsible employers to account for several years. We can help you too. 

What happens in the event of Injury?

If you are involved in one such accident, or anyone you love is a victim of this kind of accident, you may be entitled to compensation for your injuries or loss, as the case may be. There are steps to take to ensure you are well placed to seek compensation;

  • Seek Medical Evaluation

In the event of injury for you or a loved one, the first step would be a medical evaluation. Your safety and health should be your immediate concern. Also, a knowledge of the extent of the injuries sustained from the accident would help you in the pursuit of compensation for injuries to you or your loved one.

  • Meet A Lawyer

If the victim of the accident is deceased then this should be your first step. Reaching out to a skilled New York construction law attorney automatically bodes well for your chances of claiming compensation. 

Your case can effectively and very promptly begin. You can reach us at our office at 43, West 43rd Street, Suite 233, New York NY 10036. You also can call us on (646) 421-4062. Reach out to us for a free case evaluation, let us help you get what you deserve.

  • Filing Summons and Complaints

After the evaluation of your case, we may then proceed to reach out to the Insurer or Defendant as the case may be, in attempts to negotiate a settlement and avoid going to Court. Trials can be arduous and exhausting. Should we fail in our attempts to arrive at a settlement, we may then proceed to kickstart due process in earnest. This will include depositions, physical examinations, exchange of evidence and the other necessary things.

  • Trial and Appeal

This usually is the last stage of the process of getting compensation for your injuries or loss as might apply to your case. In the absence of a settlement agreement, we will advance to court and let a jury decide who is legally responsible for your injuries or loss. The jury will award compensation if they find that your case is proved.

Get a Competent Lawyer to Represent your Interests

A competent ally in these cases is the difference between winning the case and losing it. Let us help you win and get compensated for your loss. 

Oshan and Associates, P.C. was established with the aim of providing aggressive, industrious and candid legal representation for the filers of Personal Injury complaints. Reach out to us today to book a free consultation.

Our firm is backed by dual-state licensure in New York and Washington, with practice area expertise in Personal Injury law. Including settlement negotiation and everything else related to Personal Injuries.

Read our personal injury blog here or call a personal injury attorney in New York on (646) 421-4062 today to get helpful information and guidance regarding your personal injury claim.

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