Frenchie puppy dies in KLM Flight

September 02, 2019

Frenchie puppy dies in KLM Flight

A French Bulldog died on an international flight from Amsterdam to Boston in a KLM flight.

KLM airlines's policy states the airline will not transport French bulldogs, among a few other breeds in the cargo.

Our client, Andreea Suviena says KLM Royal Dutch Airlines would not allow her husband to fly with the dog in the cabin. The family contacted a transport agency for the Frenchie puppy.
When they went to pick the Frenchie in late July from the airport, they were informed their puppy Roger was dead.


Roger was brought to Angell Animal Medical Center for a necropsy. The findings were that the dog was left with no water for 18 hours.


"These areas are supposed to be climate controlled, they’re supposed to be pressurized, they’re supposed to be given water. Water - a basic necessity," said Evan Oshan, the family's attorney.


The dog's death is under ongoing investigating by the USDA.


In March 2018 a French bulldog named Kokito died on a United Airlines flight from Houston to New York City, after he was stored in an overhead bin. The matter was amicably resolved by all parties.

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