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All You Need to Know About High Profile Attorneys and When You Need Them

The term high-powered or high profile attorney is not a formal title or anything that nature. Rather, it is a media tag often used to describe politically well-connected lawyers who handle ‘high-profile’ cases or cater to famous clients.

From the term ‘high-powered’ you can easily guess that it refers to persons who can be described as ‘influential’ or powerful. In the same manner, a high profile attorney may also mean a legal professional that routinely handles high profile cases or clients that are powerful or famous.

What Are the Traits of High Profile Attorneys?

High profile attorneys are quite unlike conventional lawyer. If they were, they wouldn’t be called high powered attorneys. They didn’t get there by being ‘ordinary’. There are some characteristics that distinguish them from the pack.


The legal profession is no doubt one of the most competitive. Attorneys who stand out must not only be logical and analytical, they must also possess a heavy dose of creativity to find solutions to problems. The popular saying is that “no two matters are the same”. Each case or client has to be treated differently. Every matter requires its own unique solution.

More often than not, ‘out of the box’ thinking is required to get to that level where an attorney can be successful enough to be called ‘high profile’. This will no doubt be helpful in resolving cases and satisfying clients.

The best solution is not usually the most obvious. A high profile attorney is able to find solutions, sometimes outside the court, to the variety of legal problems that their clients bring to them.

Perseverance and Doggedness

There can’t be much success without perseverance. A common trait to all high profile attorneys is their dedication to their clients’ matters. This level of commitment is also extended to their careers, colleagues, and goals. They are noted for tireless work.

Whether you are in plaintiff or defendant, you will need an attorney that stands up when things get tough. Especially when your case involves dealing with powerful corporations or the government.

This is why you will see that the so-called high powered or high profile attorney always get results. Their ‘never say defeat’ spirit helps them keep pushing and representing the best of your interest.

Boldness and Assertiveness

High profile attorneys have mastered the art of not being timid and withdrawn. Taking necessary action without fear is no doubt a trait typical of them.  They understand their case inside out and do not compromise on positions vital to clients.

They take definitive positions on those areas that are important to clients. What this guarantees is that they are not easily intimidated by other counsel. They can stand firm and ensure that your case results into a positive outcome.

Driven and Purposeful

Ambition is the fuel that drives high profile or high powered attorneys. There’s nothing wrong with being reasonably ambitious and purpose-driven. This is one of the important traits that distinguishes them from the other lawyers in the marketplace.

Not only do they find different ways to develop their skills, they are also driven to achieve the goals of their clients, even when they appear unlikely. This will obviously be great for you as it means there would hardly be a case that your high profile attorney cannot handle.

When Do You Need a High Powered Attorney?

When you need top work done, it only makes sense to go with a lawyer that has solid referrals and reviews. So, when would you need to pick up the phone and call yourself a high powered attorney?

Before the Storm Comes In

Most people only run to lawyers when they need to get out of a fix. Usually, these problems are issues that could have avoided if they had relied on advice from excellent counsel right from the start.

In other instances, the need to hire a high powered attorney may only have arisen due to current circumstances you found yourself in.

Hard Cases Require Tough, High Profile Attorneys

You may be needing the services of a high powered attorney to help you unravel the knot of your legal problems. There’s no denying that the bigger your lawyer’s personality, the better your chances of securing the best possible outcome.

Take personal injury cases as an example. If you’re going up against a corporation – or sometimes even the government – you need a high profile attorney to balance the weight of the attorneys the other side will be bringing. A high profile attorney is already accustomed to this kind of heavy lifting and would ensure, for instance, that you are not brow beaten into accepting unfair settlement.

Not Hiring a High Profile Lawyer May Eventually Cost You More

The bottom-line is usually about money. It is the reason why many people with serious legal problems choose to go for the cheapest legal representative they can find. Many think after all, “it’s just about finding any attorney”.

No, it’s not. In a criminal case for instance, the quality of your attorney will most likely determine whether or not you spend time behind bars. In a civil matter, this decision could hurt you financially. And you may not even get the chance to retrace your steps before the matter becomes barred.

Apart from this, considering that you can claim for attorneys fees in most cases, it makes even less sense to “play it safe” by considering money first. In the long run, hiring a high-powered lawyer can actually help you recover more compensation and save you a whole lot of problems.

The More Connected Your Attorney Is, The Better

More and more cases are being resolved even without going to court. In many of these cases, the outcome you get may be determined by how many strings your attorney can pull on your behalf.

High powered attorneys are not lacking in these strings. Due to their well-connected status, they can easily ensure that you obtain every legal advantage possible thereby increasing your chances of a favorable outcome.  

Sometimes, You Need a High Profile Attorney So Your Case Doesn’t Become ‘High Profile’

They say “discretion is the better part of valor”. That also applies in relation to many cases. The best attorney you want for your case is not just the one that specializes in high profile cases. It’s the one that is high powered enough to handle the most important case in the world: yours.

Oshan and Associates has represented hundreds of clients. In many of these cases, it was essential for the client to keep a low-profile usually to protect sensitive interests, including those of children. We of course, understand the need for discretion in cases like this and indeed, clients explicitly trust us with helping them maintain a low profile in these cases.

The advantage of a high profile attorney in cases like this is they help to deflect media attention from reclusive clients. Due to the fact that the attorneys are already known themselves, they can help draw the attention away from the client and focus it elsewhere.

How to Find a High Profile Attorney

Finding a high profile attorney is necessary so that your minor legal issues won’t morph into larger legal problems. How do you go about your search and ensure you end up with only the best? Here are some tips that will help you.


Referrals are the best indicator of how effective an attorney has been. Only satisfied clients will refer you to an attorney that they have worked with before. The fact that you are getting a referral means their services were satisfactory at the time. You may get these referrals from your friends, family, acquaintances or even people that you meet on the internet.

But one thing you need to pay attention to is the fact that referrals are only a part of the process. They’re not the whole. Make sure you inquire fully about the lawyer even after getting the referral. Especially ask what area of law they specialize in and whether the case they handled for the referrer is similar to yours.

Run a Background Check

Yes, you can run a background check. Now, this does not mean you have to hire a private investigator to “look into” the affairs of your lawyer. Rather, it just means you need to do your homework about them. So, you’ve heard good stories about them, are they true? Is that the whole story or is there more to find out? That’s the point of doing your homework.

To start, you can check for their licensing or certification at county and state level. You can also contact the lawyer disciplinary agency in your state to confirm that they are in good standing with the bar association. You should always cross-check references, especially if you located the attorney through the Internet. Avvo is a popular reference site for fully practicing attorneys. See for instance our reviews on AVVO.

Visit the Lawyer’s Law Office

It is always useful to visit the offices of your prospective high-profile attorney to get a feel for how they operate. Depending on how you feel when you are at the law office, you can make a better decision on whether to hire them.

You can even request a brief tour of the office – which they should be willing to give you. You can then use this to observe other important details like the support staff at disposal and their capacity to really cater to your legal needs

Interview the Prospective Lawyer

Once you have identified a high profile attorney who might suit your needs, the next step is to set up a meeting. Usually, many clients prefer to first have an initial consultation over the phone or email. This will give them the opportunity to ask some preliminary questions. Eventually, a physical interview may become needed.

After the initial consultation, the next step is to talk to the attorney personally. This stage is pretty important for two reasons: Personality and Communication.

The personality of the attorney matters quite a lot. The attorney may be high profile, but if you don't feel comfortable during your private meeting, it may be an indication that the lawyer is not a right fit for you. The first or the second meeting should at least create an ideal lawyer-client relationship.

We have already identified that what you need is a high profile attorney high powered that will focus on you. Many attorneys already have a communication problem - they always seem unreachable when you need them the most. Understand that your case should be just as important as every other case.

Make enquires on how you can to contact your attorney and the ease of access when you need them. A high profile attorney that will leave a client hanging is not what you need.

What We Do at Evan Oshan and Associates

With legal practice spanning almost 2 decades, the legal firm of Oshan and Associates is what the media would most likely call 'high profile' or high powered. And indeed they have.

The legal profession is a conservative one. Even though many very successful attorneys have tried to shy away from public glare and just champion the cause of their clients, it may become difficult to do so. This is so especially if it involves high profile cases that attract the glare of media spotlight. In many instances, the media only reports what they feel is ‘hot news’ and ignore a matter that may even more newsworthy.

Quite a handful of the cases handled by Evan Oshan and the firm have been reported in prominent media outlets. One of them is the widely reported case against United Airlines. The matter became an element of social change that eventually led to United Airlines announcement of a new pet travel policy. The new policy would now include a ban on the transport of dozens of breeds of dogs and cats in the cargo compartment.

As reported by the LA Times, United Airlines was forced to reach a settlement with the owners of a French bulldog puppy that died after a flight attendant allegedly insisted the dog be stowed in an overhead bin for a 3½-hour flight.

CNBC shed more light in the matter when it was revealed that the flight attendant had insisted the dog owner’s bag, which contained the puppy, be placed in an overhead bin. As reported by Washington Times, United Airlines said the puppy’s owner told the flight attendant the dog was in the bag, but the flight attendant did not hear or understand the passenger.

Even though Evan Oshan, the family’s counsel, had earlier been quoted on Fox News and New York Post that the family was considering filing a lawsuit, United claimed full responsibility for the “tragic accident” and instead offered to settle out of court and compensate the family. The settlement fee, for private reasons, was not however disclosed.

Ready to Hire a High Profile Attorney?

Every case requires a high powered attorney that will make sure your rights are not trampled upon. You need an attorney that will stand strong in your stead and demand that you get what you deserve. You need the high profile attorneys at Oshan and Associates.

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