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Evan M. Oshan is a well-connected lawyer who handles high-profile cases nationally and internationally. He is unlike any conventional lawyer and has a heavy dose of creativity. He understands that “no two matters are the same” and each case or client has to be treated differently. Every matter requires its own unique solution and ‘out of the box’ thinking.

Evan M. Oshan and his team are not afraid to go against powerful corporations or the government. With his ‘never say defeat’ spirit and his push to represent the best of his Clients' interests Evan M. Oshan has been called a warrior for justice.

Evan M. Oshan was quoted, featured and interviewed in hundreds of news publications worldwide including but not limited to: New York Post, TMZ, ABC, CBS, NBC, Washington Post, FOX, Inside Edition, The Seattle Times, Los Angeles Times, The Washington Times, CNBC, New York Post, CNN, New York Daily News, Metro UK, People, PBS and more.


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Evan Oshan, Oshan and Associates press conference


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Seattle pays $500K to settle lawsuit over man’s death in CHOP shooting - SEATTLE TIMES


SEATTLE, June 13, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- Wrongful death lawsuit filed by Evan M. Oshan of Oshan & Associates, P.C. (Oshan Law) on behalf of the father of Lorenzo Anderson and the personal representative for the Lorenzo Anderson Estate settled.  The city of Seattle paid $500,000.00 to settle a wrongful death lawsuit filed by the father of a 19-year-old special needs youth shot and killed after Seattle police abandoned their East Precinct on Capitol Hill during racial justice protest in June 2020.

Evan M. Oshan lawyer for Horace Anderson father of the late Lorenzo Anderson and the Estate of Lorenzo Anderson filed a lawsuit in King County Superior Court in November 2021, naming then-Mayor Jenny Durkin, Councilmember Kshama Sawant, and the city of Seattle.  The lawsuit alleged the city of Seattle and its leaders encouraged participants in the so-called CHOP – Capital Hill Occupied Protest- to break the law and "undermine the safety of others" for political theatre. According to the lawsuit police and first responders were unable or unwilling to enter the CHOP zone to search for a suspect or conduct an investigation for hours after the shooting as a result of directives set forth by Seattle leadership. The original lawsuit can be viewed at

Oshan, asserts the lawsuit was intended to "shock" the city of Seattle and its leaders into realizing the impact of their actions and inactions on Capitol Hill and their failure to allow law enforcement and first responders the ability to do their job and protect their citizens.  Oshan goes on to assert "this lawsuit was not about money but about government accountability". Through this settlement the goal of awakening the city of Seattle and its elected officials to provide and promote a safe environment has been accomplished.  There is now a new Mayor in place in Seattle and it is the hope of the father Horace Anderson that his son Lorenzo Andersons' death not be in vain and the new Mayor of Seattle will work to bridge the gap between its citizens and law enforcement and reduce gun violence. "For more information on Horace Anderson's pre-lawsuit "Bridge the Gap" proposal, see:"

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New Lawsuit Filed Against Seattle Mayor Jenny Durkin, Councilmember Kshama Sawant, And City Of Seattle For Wrongful Death And CHOP Zone Negligence

Filing follows notice of claims filed on behalf of Lorenzo Anderson, a 19-year old special needs teen who was left to die near the CHOP Zone

SEATTLE, Nov. 3, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- The first lawsuit brought on behalf of the Estate of Lorenzo Anderson and father Horace Anderson filed today holds Seattle Mayor Jenny Durkin, Councilmember Kshama Sawant, and the City of Seattle responsible for the wrongful death of Lorenzo Anderson the 19 year old special needs teen that was killed near the Capitol Hill Occupied Protest (CHOP) Zone on June 20, 2020. The bombshell lawsuit was filed by Evan M. Oshan of Oshan and Associates (Oshan Law) in King County Superior Court today and can be viewed at This follows on a previously announced Notice of Claims in May of this year.

The 40-page complaint provides a chronology of events which encourage the CHOP Zone- A seven block police-free protest zone that the Mayor, City Council and other government entities allowed to develop creating a lawless environment.  Over 2400 pages of exhibits provide ample evidence to support the 11 causes of action outlined in the complaint which shows how the actions and inactions by the defendants were directly responsible for the chaos promoted and encouraged that lead to the wrongful and preventable death of Lorenzo Anderson.

Some key exhibits include a judicial reprimand of Councilmember Kshama Sawant, over 300 pages of invoices showing funds mismanaged to promote the CHOP Zone where lawlessness reigned. Additional exhibits show how Seattle Emergency Medical Service personnel and Seattle Police officers were nearby and available to help the dying Lorenzo when 911 calls were received yet they failed to perform their duties as public servants and render aid as a result of failed Seattle leadership. Other exhibits further show the extreme suffering that Lorenzo endured before his death and establish that he would have survived the shooting if help was rendered.

"In order for Justice to be served, all responsible parties regardless of their position in government must be held accountable," said Evan M. Oshan, attorney for the Lorenzo Andersons' Estate. "We entrust our leaders to protect public safety, and there is no excuse for the willful indifference and pattern of inaction that lead to Lorenzo's wrongful death. The lawlessness that was allowed to reign in Seattle is not acceptable and will not go unpunished."  Oshan asserts "this complaint is brought in King County so a Seattle Jury can hear the facts and evidence,  Washington law supports our claims and is the correct venue for justice to be served!"

Oshan asserts: "This case is about freedom from the tyrannical rule of incompetent government leadership.  I am a firm believer in our American legal system and have confidence that justice will prevail!"

Attorney Evan M. Oshan & Horace Anderson- Father of The Late Lorenzo Anderson are available for in studio or zoom interview.

Exhibits available upon request.

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Filed Federal and State Complaints Allege A 12-Year-Old Disabled Black Girl Died After She Was Denied Basic Medical Care Due To Discrimination Based On Race, Disability And Medical Negligence

Federal and State Complaints Filed Against Seattle Healthcare Providers

SEATTLE, June 29, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- Federal and state complaints, which were filed today by father Kevin Bolton represented by Oshan & Associates P.C., allege that the death of Kaloni Bolton, a 12-year old Black girl with asthma, was caused after she was denied appropriate medical treatment by Seattle's Renton Landing Urgent Care Clinic and North Benson Urgent Care Clinic -- both overseen by Valley Medical Center. The complaints were filed with the U.S. Department of Justice, Washington Human Rights Commission and Washington Medical Board.

According to the complaints, on December 29, 2020, Kaloni gasped for air and cried out "I can't breathe" as she plead for medical care but was denied treatment for asthma difficulty.

Rather than deliver basic and essential care, the staff at Renton Landing Urgent Care Clinic directed Kaloni to North Benson Urgent Care Clinic, where she was ordered by hospital staff to wait in the car. After approximately 30 minutes without basic medical treatment, Kaloni became nonresponsive and was transported to Seattle Children's Hospital, where she was pronounced dead several days later. 

Since Kaloni's death last December, there has been a public outcry demanding justice. Kevin Bolton, Kaloni's father, demands answers and an independent inquiry into the facts and circumstances surrounding his daughter's death.

"I want to know what happened to my angel," said Mr. Bolton. "I demand to know why my daughter was denied medical treatment."

Mr. Bolton is represented by Evan Oshan of Oshan & Associates, who is calling for a thorough investigation into the facts in order to determine the next course of action.

"The complaints that have been filed are a major step on the path to obtaining justice for Kaloni Bolton, her family and the community," said Mr. Oshan. "We need to know what role racism and medical negligence played in Kaloni's death, as she would still be alive today if she was provided the appropriate medical treatment."

Mr. Oshan added the specter of systemic issues with Valley Medical Center given it operates both Renton Landing Urgent Care Clinic and North Benson Urgent Care Clinic.

Kevin Bolton (Kaloni's father) and Evan Oshan of Oshan & Associates are available for zoom interviews.

Contact: Evan Oshan / 206.335.3880 - Voice & Text


Seattle Paramedics Left Special Needs Teen To Die In Chop Zone, Claims Filed By The Estate

SEATTLE, May 5, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- Notice of Claims were filed today by Evan M. Oshan of Oshan & Associates, P.C. (Oshan Law) on behalf of the personal representative for the Lorenzo Anderson Estate.


The claims outline various duties breached by government officials. The inactions by the defendants were directly responsible for the death of Lorenzo Anderson

Lorenzo Anderson, 19, was shot several times on June 20, 2020 right outside of the city's Capitol Hill Organized Protest (CHOP ZONE) area – a seven block zone that sprung due to Black Lives Matter protests after the murder of George Floyd.

New facts establish that the defendants breached their duty of reasonable care to protect Lorenzo, resulting in his wrongful death. Facts include but is not limited to data detailing how Seattle Emergency Medical Service personnel and Seattle Police officers were minutes if not seconds away from Lorenzo when 911 calls began coming in and according to Oshan "failed to maintain their duties as public servants and render aid as Lorenzo Anderson bled to death from gunshot wounds".

911 calls came in at 2:19 a.m. The fire department would not respond without police clearance- police clearance was not given. The police finally arrived at the CHOP zone not even at the location of the shooting at 2:39 a.m. Ultimately Lorenzo was transported by civilians to Harbor View Medical Center where he was pronounced dead at 2:45 a.m.

Oshan believes: "The people and institutions we entrust to protect public safety must not be rewarded for their incompetence, indifference and inaction leading to the wrongful death of citizens. They need to be held accountable for their contemptible conduct that encouraged lawlessness to reign. Justice will reign and the negligent governmental actions will be held accountable." 

Oshan goes on to assert, "I look forward to the discovery process and the trial when truth will ultimately be solidified." I firmly believe in our jury system and am confident that the people will decide what justice looks like." Individuals and the government will not hide behind governmental immunity and will be held accountable". Oshan further asserts, "if through the discovery process it is determined any of the negligent acts were intentional then those actions will also be appropriately through the legal system."

An autopsy revealed that Anderson was shot several times however none of the shots were fatal or hit major organs, according to the claims and Evan Oshan, the attorney representing Anderson's estate.

Oshan alleges in the claims the Seattle Police Department, Seattle Emergency Medical Services, Mayor Jenny Durkin, the Seattle City Council and the state of Washington were negligent and "breached the duty of reasonable care" owed to Anderson and caused a death "Lorenzo Andersons death was both preventable and predictable".

Attorney Evan Oshan & Father of The Late Lorenzo Anderson- Available for comment and zoom interview

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Evan Oshan-, 206 335 3880- Text or Voice

SOURCE Oshan & Associates, P.C.


Aug 27, 2020

KING 5: Father of man killed inside Seattle's CHOP zone files $3 billion in claims against city, county, state

"It is important to hold our government leaders accountable so this will not happen again," said Attorney Evan Oshan in a prepared statement.

SEATTLE, Aug. 27, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- Horace Anderson- father of Lorenzo Anderson -- the special needs teenager murdered on June 20, 2020 amid the lawlessness that occurred within Seattle's seven-block zone known as "CHOP/CHAZ" – has filed 3 separate $1 billion claims against the City of Seattle, the County of King and the State of Washington. It is by far the largest claim filed in connection to the government's failure to protect its citizens amid the CHOP/CHAZ fiasco. Additional documentation for the claims can be seen here.

The claim was filed today by Oshan & Associates, P.C. (Oshan Law) on behalf of Horace Anderson. It claims that the actions and inactions by the City of Seattle, County of King and State of Washington are directly responsible for creating a hazardous, and lawless situation that resulted in the shooting death of his son.

Attorney Evan M. Oshan said, "This case warrants punitive or exemplary damages in order to punish the City of Seattle, County of King, the State of Washington and their agents for their outrageous conduct that allowed lawlessness to reign. Such failure to protect citizens must not be allowed to happen again."

"It is important to hold our government leaders accountable so this will not happen again," added Mr. Oshan. "Those in positions of power must not be allowed to hide from their duty to act responsibly and protect citizens. With power and prestige comes responsibility!"

SEATTLE, Aug. 11, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- High-profile personal injury attorney Evan M. Oshan of Oshan and Associates is representing Horace Anderson and advocating a petition for change following the tragic death of his son Lorenzo Anderson.

  • The City of Seattle allowed the existence of the Capital Hill Occupied Protest; "Chop Zone" for approximately one month, therefore, creating unsafe, dangerous and lawless environment.
  • The area established on June 8, 2020 after George Floyd's death consisted of six city blocks in the Capital Hill area.
  • Protesters called the zone a no-cop zone after the Seattle Police Department (SPD) boarded up and left its East Precinct building.
  • In the early hours of June 20, 2020 Lorenzo Anderson was shot. Medical personnel failed to provide life-saving assistance.
  • Lorenzo Anderson bled for approximately 20 minutes before a bystander transported him to the hospital where he was pronounced dead. It is unclear when or where he actually died.
  • The father; Horace Anderson was not notified by authorities of his son's death.
  • The father; Horace Anderson was not allowed to see and identify the body of his son Lorenzo for approximately a week.
  • Capital Hill Occupied Protest; "Chop Zone" was dismantled on July 1, 2020. (approximately two weeks after Lorenzo's death).
  • After Lorenzo's tragic death and prior to dismantling the area other shootings and deaths occurred.
  • The City of Seattle had knowledge of the chaos, dangerous and unacceptable situation the Chop Zone created.
  • The protests sparked by George Floyd's death have continued and now the country is torn between those that want to DEFUND the police and those that want to DEFEND the police.

According to attorney Evan M. Oshan; Horace Anderson has launched a petition in honor of his late son named "Bridge the Gap". The goal is to bridge the gap between those who want to DEFUND the police and those who want to DEFEND the police. Bridge the Gap will be composed of law-abiding citizens of the community who will work with law enforcement to establish neighborhood watch and safe zones.

Oshan goes on, "if we do not build bridges we risk falling into the abyss."
"A just society requires justice."

August 6, 2020


Filing follows $2.2 billion pre-suit claim against NYCHA on behalf of the six fire victims

NEW YORK CITY – Wrongful death and negligence lawsuits have been filed against the New York City Housing Authority (NYCHA) on behalf of four of the six Harlem “death trap” apartment building fire victims – including a mother and her four young children – alleging that the May 8, 2019 inferno was predictable and preventable, according to attorney Evan M. Oshan. The separate but related filings (Estates of Andrea Pollidore, minors B.P. and N.P, Mahmoud Ibn Talib Abdul-Rauf. v New York City Housing Authority et al., NY STATE SUPREME COURT), follow Mr. Oshan’s pre-suit claim for $2.2 billion against the “historically and institutionally inept” agency on behalf of the victims resulting from the catastrophe that shocked the city and nation.

Mr. Oshan, of Oshan & Associates, (Oshan Law) along with counsel from Saltz Mongeluzzi & Bendesky, PC, ( SM&B) and Morelli Law Firm (Morelli Law) filed complaints yesterday in New York State Supreme Court. They detail the historical failures of the NYCHA, link the alleged lethal lapses to the actual cause of the early morning two-bedroom unit fire, requests a jury trial, and calls for unspecified compensatory and punitive damages. The attorneys filed on behalf of the estate administrators for Andrea Pollidore, 45, her minor daughters B.P., 6, and N.P., 11, and Jamilla Abdullah, mother of Mahmoud Ibn Talib Abdul-Rauf, 33, a family friend who was visiting the Pollidores in apartment 5-G of the Frederick E. Samuels Apartment along West 142nd St. at Adam Clayton Powell Boulevard. Mrs. Pollidore’s two young sons were also killed in the fire.

“This complaint is the next major step on the path to justice for the victims of a devastating fire in a death trap apartment that we now know was clearly predictable and easily preventable if only the defendants had properly done their jobs and maintained the building,” said Mr. Oshan.
As alleged, the victims would unquestionably be alive today if the NYCHA defendants and their employees, not engaged in a long and well documented pattern of intentional and grossly negligent conduct that constituted reckless indifference to the tenants they were entrusted to safely shelter and protect.”

The defendants, asserts the complaints, “intentionally ignored the risk to life and limb associated with inadequately equipped and maintained fire detection and suppression systems in the Frederick E. Samuels Houses, including in Apartment 5-G.” Specifically, it is alleged, among the dozens of design, maintenance and operations shortcomings, the failure to:
• Monitor and/or maintain and/or service the fire alarms and smoke detectors in the hallways.
• Install adequate fire alarms and smoke detectors in the building, and in the apartment, in compliance with New York City Administrative Code § 27-980;
• Install sprinklers or other fire suppression systems in the unit and throughout the building.
Mr. Oshan added, “We look forward to all the facts in this case coming to light at trial, and to holding those responsible fully accountable for their actions. It is clear and we will demonstrate that the loving mother of those four precious children was in no way connected to the cause of the fire. Her family and Mr. Abdul-Rauf, their close friend who helped with child care due to her work schedule as a health care worker, were asleep, helplessly trapped in the burning fifth-floor apartment that had steel bars on the windows and no sprinklers.”

Robert J. Mongeluzzi, of SM&B, whose firm represents the estates minors B.P. and N.P. stated, “Fire safety requires three major elements- fire suppression, fire warning and easy emergency escape . The defendants utterly failed on all three counts- no sprinklers, no wired in smoke detectors and virtually inaccessible fire escapes. The defendants struck out on all three - and these victims paid with their lives.” Andrew R. Duffy and Jeffrey P. Goodman, partners at SM&B, are Mr. Mongeluzzi’s co-counsel.

Benedict P. Morelli, who filed on behalf of the estate of Mrs. Pollidore, said the victims estates are hoping the end result of the litigation benefits the hundreds of thousands of other vulnerable New Yorkers living in NYCHA units. “The U.S. Attorney’s Office for the Southern District of New York’s investigation well before this tragedy of NYCHA infamously identified – leading to a record $2 billion Federal court settlement that was supposed to result in sweeping reform at the NYCHA - a culture where “accountability does not exist,” he noted. “We aim to finally expose and shatter in court that culture so no resident in a NYCHA building has to worry when they go to bed if their fire alarms and smoke detectors are in working order, and if they sound will they be able to quickly escape to safety.” Mr. Morelli’s co-counsel in his firm is David T. Sirotkin.

Note: In accordance with COVID-19 safety guidance, interviews with plaintiff’s counsel will be conducted online. There will be no interviews with family members at this time and they respectfully request their privacy be honored.

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Family that lost six blames city's 'neglect' | Tragic fire will spur $2.2B suit - New York Post

June 17, 2019

"Relatives of the Harlem mom who died with four of her children when fire tore through their death-trap NYCHA apartment last month plan to sue the city for $2.2 billion.

It's hard to to put a dollar value on the loss of human life, but the $2.2 billion, we feel, is appropriate in light of the current situation," said lawyer Evan Oshan."