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Car accidents are unsavory on thebest of days and a real headache on the worst of days. Unfortunately,car accidents happen all too frequently and at that rate, pretty muchanybody is likely to get involved in one. According to theWashington State Department of Transportation,there were 115,930 crashes in the state in 2018. A car accident happensonce every 4 minutes in the state, leading to the death of at least oneperson every 20 hours. The sadtruth about the data is pretty simple.

Accidents happen often and theycan happen to anybody. When they do happen, no matter how serious theyare, they will most likely bring some level of damage and plentydiscomfort. If you have beeninvolved in a car accident, you should know that the law grants youseveral rights in the event. It also imposes certain obligations on youthough. If the other driver was at fault, you may be entitled to claimcompensation for any damage done to you.

Our Seattle personal injury law firm helped countless clients with complex cases obtain thecompensation they deserve.

Our experience and track record in the Seattle Tacoma areahas seen us emerge as a leading personal injury firm in Washington State.

Drawing on our experience, we have created this Seattle motor vehicle accident guide to help you react after a car accident. Inthis informative accident guide, you will learn what your rights are in a car accident andhow you can assert them. You will also learn what the law requires youto do after an auto accident.

What do you do in a minor Seattle car accident?

Although all accidents are importantevents that should not be taken lightly, some will involve less seriousdamage than others. For instance, when you only have a damaged bumper or adent on your car. The mostimportant measure is whether the accident is minor and can be measuredby the amount of the damage involved. According to theSeattle Police Department,a minor accident is one that involves damage of a value less than$1,000. In the event of such an accident, here’s what you need to do:

MINOR IMPACT ACCIDENT WILL DEPEND ON THE value of THE damage involved by considering how much it would take to repair the CAR caused to the vehicles involved

What do you do in a minor Seattle car accident?
  • Assess the amount of damage - since the scope of your obligation here depends on the amount of damageinvolved, the first thing you must do if you were involved in a Seattle accident is assess the damages. You cangenerally tell the value of damage involved by considering how much itwould take to repair the property damage caused to the vehiclesinvolved. If the accident involves an injury, it is not likely to be only aminor Seattle accident.
  • Move your vehicle off the road - once you are certain that there is no injury involved or only minor injury, you need to move your vehicle off the road.Washington State lawrequires you to remove your vehicle off the road in a non-injuryaccident if is operable and safe to move. In such a situation, it is notnecessary to wait for law enforcement as you are expected tokeep the roadway clear if possible.
  • Exchange information with all involved drivers - eventhough the accident is minor, you should not neglect to exchangeinformation with the other driver. You may leave the scene of theaccident and discover later that the damage caused to your vehicle is greaterthan you thought. You may also start to feel pain and discover that you have suffered an injury that is more serious than you thought. After a car accident more often than not the adrenaline that is running through your body will prevent you from feeling any immediate pain. 
  • Report the collision: You are allowed to report a minor accident online withWashington State Patrol.You would want to have a copy of the report; in case you need to showfault later. Also ensure that you report the accident to your insurer, as you are obligated to do so under yourpolicy.

What happens if YOU GOT INTO A SERIOUS accident in seattle?

If the accident involves injury thatcauses bleeding, broken bones or fractures, it is considered serious. Inserious accidents, your obligations are slightly different. Here’s whatyou need to do:

What happens if YOU GOT INTO A SERIOUS accident in seattle?
  • Call emergency services and the Police:You need to dial 911 immediately. You should also seek medicalattention for your own injuries, if you are injured. Even if you thinkthe injuries are not critical, you should get examined.
  • Administer first aid:If you are not injured yourself, you need to check for others that areinjured. If you are able to, administer first aid to any injured personif 911 operator instructs so. Remember not to move them so you don’taggravate their injury.
  • Mark the road: Do not move your vehicle if there is any injured person. Place flares or cones at least 100 meters to the accident scene.
  • Talk to witnesses and exchange information:Since the accident is much more serious, you will most likely belooking to claim compensation for damage. You can make the processsignificantly easier by exchanging information with the other driver andspeaking to available witnesses.
  • Call your insurer: It isnecessary that you inform them about the accident, so you can startlaying the foundation for your claim. It is advisable that you firstspeak to a competent auto accident attorney prior to making that call.
  • Do not leave a car accident scene on any account

    Although you may be flustered in theevent of a car accident, especially if you think it was your fault, donot leave the scene. If you do, you may be prosecuted for a hit and runmisdemeanor or felony. UnderWashington state law leaving the scene of a car accident isa crime punishable by jail time and fines. It does not matter whetheryou caused the accident or not. The law requires that you:

    • Call the police and wait until they arrive;
    • Check on all injured passengers and call emergency help if necessary;
    • Exchangeinformation with other involved in the auto accident. This should includeyour drivers’ license details, insurance and contact information.

    Even if the other vehicle was parked or if the driver is nowhere to be found, you must still provide your details. You are legally bound in the city of Seattle King county to write down your details on a note andplace it somewhere that the driver would be likely to find it.


    Leaving the scene of a car accidentbefore complying with the law may bring some unpleasant consequences.Depending on whether the accident involved just property damage orincluded injury, it could be a misdemeanor or felony.

    Ifyou leave the scene of a car accident that involved property damage,you could be prosecuted for a misdemeanor hit and run offence. Thiscould sum up to 90 days in jail and fine of $1,000.

    For leaving thescene of a car accident that involves injury to another person, youcould be prosecuted for a felony hit and run. This is punishable with 5years’ jail time and a fine of up to $10,000. 

    Ifthe accident results in death to any person and you flee the scene, thepenalty is much stiffer. The offense is punishable for up to 10 years in prisonand a fine of $20,000. All of this is apart from the civil liabilitiesfor the offense.


    Rear-end collision accidents happen when a car tailgates the one in front of it. Most times, rear-end collision accidents happen when the at-fault driver does not pay adequate attention to the road. While this is often the reason for rear-end collision accidents, other reasons also apply.

    The injuries sustained in this type of accident have the potential to be very severe. As a result, they cost the victim a lot in terms of injuries sustained, piles of medical bills to be taken care of, and potentially losing income. If you or your loved one has suffered from injuries resulting from rear-end collision accidents, you should hire a personal injury lawyer.

    The major cause of rear-end collision is driver negligence - either the driver in the front or the one at the back. If the accident was caused by the negligence of the driver behind you, you want to be in a position where you can request compensation for your injuries. The lawyers at Oshan and Associates have served clients in the Seattle and Tacoma areas for decades.

    Common Causes of Rear-End Collision Accidents

        Stopping without reason.
        Driving while intoxicated/impaired from alcohol or drugs.
        Pulling out in front of another vehicle.
        Reversing without looking behind.
        Failing to see a car stopped in front.
        Tailgating and not leaving enough space.
        Driving while distracted.
        Excessive speed or reckless driving.
        Driving while fatigued or drowsy.
        Driving a defective vehicle.
        Driving in inclement weather.

    Rear-end collision accidents

    Rear-end collision accidents seattle washington


        Whiplash and other soft tissue injuries.
        Neck injury.
        Back and spinal cord injuries resulting in paraplegia or quadriplegia.
        Broken bones.
        Head trauma or brain injuries including concussions or loss of consciousness.
        Other serious injuries or death.

    If you were injured as a result of someone else’s negligence we will fight for you and ensure you get the compensation you deserve.

    Head on seattle collision motor vehicle accident

    Head-on collision accidents happenwhen two vehicles hit each other front end to front end. Due to theoverwhelming force involved in this type of accident, head-on collisionsare among the most serious motor vehicle accidents and the injuries resulting from them are usually extremely severe or even fatal.

    If your loved one was injured or died in a head-on collision, the pain can be crippling - even more so when the accident was a result of someone else's negligence.The suddenness and brutality of the accident fill you with a sense of helplessness and you wish you can turn back time and find a way to prevent it from happening. While we can't be turn back time, we can help you hold the at-fault party responsible.

    The personal injury lawyers at Oshan and Associates have been providing justice for clients in the Seattle and Bellevue area for over two decades. We have a wealth of experience which will give you a great edge if we take on your case.

    Head on collision motor vehicle accident

    If you have been involved in a Seattle head on collision you know howdevastating these injuries can be. You also know how much impact theyhave on quality of life. Aside from having to deal with theinjuries, you also have to deal with the resultant inability to work.Thus, you are injured and paying medical bills, while having your sourceof livelihood threatened.

    Common causes of head-on collision accidents in seattle

    Most times, head-on collisions happendue to the negligence of either one or both of the parties involved.Common instances in which a motor driver’s negligence can causeaccidents include:

    • At an intersection, where traffic passes through in opposite directions.
    • When one vehicle crosses the center line and hits another vehicle traveling in the opposite lane. 
    • When a driver goes the wrong way down a one-way street or lane. 
    • Distracted drivers -a driver who is busy texting or making calls at the wheel will most likely not pay proper attention to the road. Thus, he or she may swerve into the opposite lane or turn the wrong way and end up driving against traffic.
    • Fatigued driver -a fatigued driver can easily fall asleep at the wheel and drift across the center line into traffic. 
    • Drunk drivers - driving while intoxicated is a huge head-on collision risk as drivers may veer out of their lane or ignore one-way and do-not-enter signs, putting everyone in their path in danger.

    We know what it means to deal withhead-on collision accidents especially when the accident was as a result of another person’s negligence.

    We may not be able to help you get your life back, however, we will ensure that you are compensated to live the life you are now forced to live.

    Sideswipe seattle vehicle crash

    Sideswipe accidents occur when two motor vehicles are side by side on two separate lanes traveling in the same direction and making contact with each other. This type of accident is common when changing lanes and one driver does not see the parallel vehicle.

    BLIND SPOT collision

    Blind spot collisions are often unexpected and usually caused by poor visibility of another automobile. Being so sudden the driver usually does not have any time to brace or respond in a matter that would protect themselves during the collision.

    A blind spot can be found to the right or left shoulder of thedriver.

    A blind spot can occur when an item in the car, the side frame of the car or sun glare blocks the view for the driver.  The the height of the driver can also play a role in a blind spot auto collision.

    how to Prevent a sideswipe Accident

    • Use Convex or blind spot mirrors.
    • Turning head to look over the shoulder
    • Adjust mirrors for better visibility.
    • Slowing down and turning on your blinker prior to any lane change.
    Sideswipe seattle vehicle crash seattle washington state

    Never speak with any insurance adjuster rep or lawyer for the other party without the advise of an experienced personal injury lawyer in your area.

    t-bone seattle car collisions

    T-bone accident got its name from having two vehicles make the shape of a T where one vehicle runs head-on into the side of another making a T. Those types of crashes usually happen in intersections and accompanied by horrific injuries.

    Who is at fault in a T bone accident?

    When determining the at fault party the right of way must be examined. Both cars could'nt possibly both have the right of way so factors like witnesses, lights at the intersection and possibly cameras may all play a role if there are conflicting stories.  In  a t-bone accident,one vehicle had the right of way and the other vehicle which caused the accident will be determined to be the at fault party.

    WE handle the legal aspect of YOUR CASE while you GET BETTER!

    If you were involved in a T-Bone collision you need an experienced accident lawyer in Seattle who can understand and help with the complexity of a T-BONE accident and severity of the injuries involved.  Oshan & Associates can help with:
    • Determine who is at fault in a TBONE collision.
    • Talk to Insurnace company on your behalf.
    •  Initiate legal action if deemed neccessary.
    • Collectand present evidence on your behalf.
    • Handle your entire case from start to finish.
    • Protect your rights throughout the legal process.

    Rollover SEATTLE CAR accidents

    When a vehicle rolls over on its side or roof it is considered a rollover crash.

        Rollover ACCIDENTS ARE among the deadliest vehicular crashes

    With over 10,000 people killed every year in a rollover accident.

    The most contributing factor to rollover crashes have been linked to the changing the composition of trucks and sport utility vehicles which changes their center of gravity. 

    Rollover accidents typically involve a high speed vehicle that loses control due to road conditions, distracted driving or fatigue. 

    Rollover SEATTLE CAR accidents

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