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Crane Accidents in New York

Crane Accidents in New York

All the heavy lifting in construction or industrial sites is usually done with a crane. Cranes themselves are easily one of the largest equipment where they are used. This also makes Cranes potentially harmful equipment to work with. 

If not operated correctly or if any malfunction happens, the crane operator, other workers, and anybody else around can suffer considerable injury.

In truth, a large number of accidents involving cranes occurred because the crane buckled or collapsed from excess weight. This may be because the construction supervisors ignored the weight limit or were recklessly ignorant of them. 

Other times, the crane accident may also have occurred because of a defective product design by the manufacturer or failure to properly warn of hazards.

Whatever the cause may be, the injuries sustained in a crane accident is often substantial, and sometimes fatal. The victims of the accidents usually live with the defects for a long time.

If you or your loved one was injured in a crane accident, don’t suffer your injuries in silence. Get in touch with an experienced New York construction law attorney to understand your options.

At Oshan and Associates, our construction law attorneys can be the strength you need after a crane accident. Our dedicated lawyers will protect your rights and make sure all the compensation you deserve gets to you.

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Liability in a crane accident

If you get involved in a crane accident, you may be entitled to other compensation asides the worker’s compensation benefits. First off, you can file a claim against your employer. Your employer is duty-bound to provide you with a reasonably safe and healthy work environment. You may be able to sue your employer if it is found that the employer failed in that duty of care and that you suffered an injury as a result of that failure.

Besides your employer, you may also be able to file a claim against other persons including the manufacturer of the crane, the supervisor, the contractor or sub-contractor, etc. 

Your New York crane accident lawyer should be able to help you determine the negligent parties in your crane accidents.

Should you contact a crane accident lawyer?

Generally, as a worker, when you get involved in an accident at work, you’ll receive workers’ compensation benefits. For one, the worker’s compensation benefits is a pittance. The money recoverable from this will usually not cover the full extent of the injury or even the future expenses and other considerations.

The worker’s compensation benefit does not consider your long-term medical costs, your ability to earn money in the future, or even the lifelong challenges you may face as a result of the injuries sustained.

Even more so, the insurance companies can prove to be tricky and deny or drag out your full worker’s compensation benefits

Whether you’re a worker or not, if you suffer an injury in a crane accident, one of your first priorities should be to get in touch with a skilled and experienced New York construction law attorney. A lawyer like that will get you your compensation in due time and may even maximize the amount you’ll receive.

What compensation can you get in a Crane accident?

It is already well-known that injuries sustained as a result of a crane accident can be quite severe. Preventing those accidents from happening should be top of the agenda of industries that use cranes.

However, if you suffer an injury in a crane accident, you can file a claim. For what your case is worth, you’re most likely entitled to other forms of compensation asides the worker’s compensation benefits.

The damages or compensation you get in a crane accident claim can cover the cost of the medical bills and even more. Most often, the compensation will also cover some future costs. In a crane accident, some of the compensation you may be entitled to will cover:

  • Current and future medical bills,
  • Rehabilitation and physical therapy,
  • Pain and suffering as a result of the crane accident,
  • Lost wages,
  • Wrongful death, if the accident was fatal.

With an experienced crane accident lawyer at Oshan and Associates, your rights and compensation in a New York crane accident are guaranteed.

Reach out today

If you or your loved one gets involved in a crane accident, it is important that you get in touch with a lawyer as soon as you can.

Our skilled lawyers at Oshan and Associates have successfully handled cases and represented victims of crane accidents in New York and beyond.

Our attorneys in our offices in New York, Washington, Pennsylvania, Illinois, California, & Puerto Rico are available and ready to protect your rights.

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