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Boy Scouts Admits Letting Predators Return to Scouting

Boy Scouts Admits Letting Predators Return to Scouting

In recent times, there has been an awakening towards seeking justice for victims of sexual abuse. This led to the unearthing of scandals involving ethical associations like the Catholic Church and, recently, the BSA. Children form the bulk of the memberships of these associations. Since they cannot consent to sex, any sexual relations or impropriety amounts to sexual abuse. 

For decades, the Boys Scout of America has been a stronghold of American civic life. Comradery, ethics and life building skills associated with the boys scout has made it attractive to the American youth for years. Families have entrusted their youths in the association for the training of their wards in important life building skills. 

These facts make it disheartening to hear the various sexual abuse allegations levelled against the BSA in recent times. It is a breach of trust in a very horrible way. 

For years, scoutmasters have violated and molested members, some of whom are minors. Records of the violations have been kept secret by the association for decades, building up a can of worms that recently gained media attention. In fact, child sexual abuse may still be happening in the scouts as there are reports of a 2018 case. 

Our boys scout sexual abuse attorneys at Oshan and associates have been fighting for the right of victims of the BSA sexual abuse. We understand the sensitive nature of the case and we can ensure that your voice is heard. You can contact our boys scout lawsuit attorneys for information on your rights and how to get justice on your case. 

Background on BSA lawsuits 

The decades-long sexual abuse problem recently gained full media attention leading to a flurry of lawsuits. Many victims have had to suffer years of silence due to fear and also because of the statutes of limitations in some states. For Instance, the recent amendment to the statute of limitations made possible the BSA Sexual abuse lawsuits in New York. 

The allegations opened wide the floodgates of litigation and investigative reporting. Several abuse-related lawsuits were filed decades before the perversion files became public knowledge. BSA leaders reportedly used hardball tactics and legal hurdles to avoid paying damages in those cases. But not for long because as the abuse grew endemic, victims were becoming successful at the court. 

In one of those lawsuits a trove of secret documents containing details of over 7,800 abusers in their system were released. The media dubbed it as the “perversion files”. These early lawsuits paved the way for the recent ones, including Lewis v. Boys Scouts of America where the court awarded the largest compensation yet. 

Because of the raft of compensation lawsuits and declining memberships, the BSA finances have been on a steady decline. In response, top brass at the BSA had to file for protection under US bankruptcy laws

A compensation fund for victims would consequently be set up and financed by the sale of some association’s properties. The bankruptcy filing however does not affect local councils as they are legally separate from the national body.

The compensation fund provides a guarantee that victims who file early enough could recover compensation for injuries caused to them. Do not let time run out on your claim. Contact a Boys scout sexual abuse attorney today. 

BSA probed but denied that it allowed predators return to scouting 

The BSA since the 1920s used an ineligible volunteer files system to flag known predators. It served as an internal database designed to keep out the sexual abusers. Despite this system, they have faced a flurry of conspiracy and cover-up allegations. 

First is that they hid the names of the identified molesters from law enforcement, which they denied. Second is that they have allowed known predators back into their ranks in the past decades. They have also denied this allegation. 

This is besides the fact that they are being held liable for failing to provide a safe environment for youths entrusted to them. The consistent denial of these allegations led to a call for a congress probe into the situation, particularly because the BSA is a creation of a congress charter. Congress responded by officially making an enquiry to the Chief Scout Executive on the general state of affairs. 

In response to the probe, the Chief Scout Executive denied the allegations. It was stated in the letter that the scouting outfit cannot knowingly allow proven predators into their ranks. 

BSA admits allegations 

The BSA had consistently denied knowingly allowing a predator back to work in their ranks until spring in 2019. This they did even up to the congress probe and hearings. Despite previously denying these allegations, the Boys Scout of America eventually admitted the allegations in a recent letter. This evidences a lack of transparency and misleading of congress. 

The Chief Scout Executive in the recent letter to congress admitted that the initial response to the congress enquiry was incorrect. He claimed that from his review of available information, the BSA truly allowed some known predators to return despite credible accusations of sexual abuse. 

In spite of a flagging system implemented by the scouts, some known scout sex abusers seeped through the system. The lack of transparency coupled with failing to swiftly and permanently remove the predators were the cracks in the system. 

Let our BSA Sexual Abuse Attorneys fight for you

The Boys Scouts of America may be in even more trouble than envisaged. Misleading congress is an indictable offence on its own, but the admission of the allegation may spell further indictment. In all these, the survivors are the winners and chances of getting justice is becoming obvious. If you or your loved one are a survivor of the boys scout sexual abuse, our Boys scout lawsuits attorneys can fight for you. 

Sexual molestation can be very harrowing for victims, leaving pain and emotional trauma in its wake. No one should ever go through that without seeking Justice. Our Boy scouts sexual abuse attorneys at Oshan and associates can help you fight the molesters and claim recovery for pain caused to you. Contact us for a free consultation, or call us to discuss your case. 

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