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Supreme Court's Hold on Boy Scouts' $2.46 Billion Settlement

The Boy Scouts of America's $2.46 billion abuse settlement, aimed at compensating victims of sexual abuse, has encountered a significant obstacle. Following an appeal by a group of former scouts, US Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito has temporarily put the settlement on hold. This move has sparked concerns and uncertainties among the 82,000 men involved in the settlement, many of whom allege they were abused during their childhood days by troop leaders while part of the Boy Scouts organization.

Background of the Settlement

The Boy Scouts of America filed for bankruptcy in 2020 after several US states enacted laws allowing accusers to sue over decades-old abuse allegations. Subsequently, the organization reached a $2.46 billion settlement, which was approved by a court in 2022. However, the recent appeal has raised questions about the settlement's validity and has led to its suspension pending further court review.

Concerns and Delays

The appeal, brought forth by a group of 144 abuse claimants, challenges the settlement on the grounds that it prevents them from pursuing lawsuits against organizations that were not bankrupt, including churches, local Boy Scouts councils, and insurers associated with the organization. Justice Alito's decision to put the settlement on hold provides the Supreme Court with additional time to consider the appeal and its implications.

Impact on Survivors

The delay in the settlement process has been met with frustration and disappointment by abuse survivors and advocacy groups. Doug Kennedy, an abuse survivor and leader of the group that appealed, described the delay as "horrible," emphasizing the prolonged wait for justice endured by survivors. The Boy Scouts of America, while expressing hope that the Supreme Court will ultimately allow the settlement to proceed, acknowledges the potential negative consequences of further delays on both the organization and survivors.

Trustee's Assurance

Despite the suspension, the Trustee remains committed to preserving the integrity of the Trust's diverse assets and ensuring that the needs of survivors are addressed as soon as possible. While operations are on hold, efforts will continue behind the scenes to maintain the Trust's functionality and readiness to resume operations promptly once the stay is lifted. During this period, emails or phone calls directed to the Trust may not receive immediate responses, as Trust staff are unable to address inquiries while the stay is in effect. However, they pledge to provide timely updates and additional information as soon as it becomes available. Claimants and their counsel are encouraged to monitor official communications channels for the latest updates regarding the Trust's operations and any developments related to the Supreme Court's decision.

Trouble Contacting Your Legal Representative

BSA lawsuit lawyer

If you're unable to contact your lawyer regarding the Boy Scouts abuse settlement or any related legal matter, it's essential to document all communication attempts. Keep a record of dates, times, and methods of communication, including emails, phone calls, and letters sent. Review your legal options independently or with the help of a trusted advisor, staying informed about relevant developments and updates.

Introducing the Advance Payment Program (APP)

In response to the pressing needs of Survivors awaiting compensation, the Trust is pleased to announce the launch of the Advance Payment Program (APP). This initiative aims to provide immediate financial relief to eligible Claimants by offering an advance against the ultimate value of their claims.

Key Features of the APP:

  1. Immediate Assistance: Eligible Claimants will have the opportunity to receive payments of $1,000 before the final determination of their allowed claim amount. This advance aims to alleviate some of the financial burdens faced by Survivors, particularly those who are elderly or in poor health.

  2. Rigorous Evaluation Process: The Trust will conduct a thorough yet expedited examination of the information provided by individual Claimants to determine eligibility for the APP. While ensuring a rigorous evaluation process, the Trust is committed to expediting the assessment to provide timely support to Survivors.

Eligibility Criteria:

  • Participation in the APP will be determined based on the information provided to the Trust by individual Claimants.
  • The Trust will assess the connection to Scouting for both the Claimant and the alleged Abuser(s) as part of the eligibility criteria.
  • Eligible Claimants will be notified of their acceptance into the program and provided with further instructions on how to receive the advance payment.

Contacting Our Law Firm for Support

If you're facing challenges or require assistance in understanding your rights and options, don't hesitate to contact our law firm for support at (206) 335-3880 or (646)-421-4062 for a free and confidential consultation. Our experienced team at oshanandassociates is dedicated to advocating for survivors' rights and providing compassionate guidance throughout the legal journey.

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