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BSA Probed for Sexual Abuse Allegations

BSA Probed for Sexual Abuse Allegations

As one of America’s most venerable institutions, the Boy Scouts of America is steeped in the American culture and heritage. If you think back hard enough, you may still remember the overwhelming sense of pride and belonging you felt at becoming a boy scout. Or your jealousy of those who were. 

For most boys, it was simply an honor you could not be too young to understand. Few organizations exist that have excelled sorely based on the strength of their core principles. Even fewer organizations commanded the kind of trust that assured parents that the Boy Scouts was good for the security, stability, and growth of their kids. 

Unfortunately, the many sexual abuse allegations and lawsuits against the BSA has revealed an organization whose policies did not in fact protect millions of children in its care. Much to the contrary, former scouts are alleging that they were sexually abused or assaulted during their time in the organization. 

According to the lawsuits, the organization’s policies allowed thousands of sexual predators into volunteer ranks, essentially endorsing decades of persistent and nationwide abuse. Public outrage and scrutiny continues to mount at the fact that young boys, many of whom are now men, became victims of a legacy of sexual abuse at the hands of the people to whom they were entrusted. 

Many of these victims have been left with scarred childhoods and complicated adult lives as a result of the abuse the suffered. Many more continue bear the scars and consequences to this very day. 

At Oshan and Associates, we are currently accepting cases of individuals who were victimized by the BSA’s negligence. Our Boy Scouts lawsuit attorneys are available to fight on your behalf and help you secure justice. 

BSA embroiled in allegations of sexual abuse

Since many states extended or removed their statutes of limitations for sexual crimes against children, the BSA has been inundated with wave after wave of lawsuits. Some of which are founded on events that date as far back as the 50s.

The statistics show many thousands of children going back for a hundred years to have been victims. According to TIME Magazine as many as 7,800 suspected abusers sexually assaulted at least 12,254 boys. But even these numbers are said to be a gross underestimation. 

The organization is especially under fire for the roles that its policies played in the perpetration of these scandals. Apparently, the organization had been keeping a list of suspected predators and pedophiles within their ranks going back nearly 100 years. The organization had worked around these allegations for many years, and even re-hired perpetrators in some cases.

The number of allegations and victims coming to light has also revealed a problem that is perhaps more widespread than the organization has previously acknowledged. It has been established that the BSA hid their knowledge of these predatory and pedophilic abuses until they were compelled by a court to release to the public documents in their possession which contained information about perpetrators. 

These documents are known as the “ineligible volunteer files” and were released in 2012 by an order of the Oregon Supreme Court. The list contained names and details of some individuals who were deemed ineligible to volunteer over their connections to allegations of child sexual abuse. 

Lawsuits are currently being filed against the BSA

Recent public statements and apologies by the BSA for its role in these sexual abuses have not stopped the deluge of lawsuits currently being filed against the organization. For many victims however, they are just too little and too late. 

The change in many state laws now allow victims who were prevented by statutes of limitations to finally sue and seek redress. Victims are coming forward in throngs with claims against the BSA. For the BSA who had relied on these laws to escape liability, the volume of new allegations has been severe enough to leave the organization buckling under the weight of current and future lawsuits.

This is also why the insurance companies who covered the BSA’s occasional sexual abuse claims have been withdrawing their coverage. And last month, the organization declared bankruptcy directly citing its inability to bankroll looming lawsuits and settlements.

For the Boy Scouts sexual abuse attorneys at Oshan and Associates, the damage and injury suffered by innocent people because of the organization’s systematic tolerance for acts of sexual abuse is unforgivable. Our goal is to foster the course of justice and ensure that the rights of those wronged or injured are protected. We can help you seek redress. 

Which is where we come in

Our skilled and experiences sexual abuse attorneys at Oshan and Associates are currently accepting cases. If you were a victim of these sexual abuses or know someone who is, we can help.

The BSA’s bankruptcy filing does not in any way affect your chances of redress or compensation. In fact, the organization filed for bankruptcy not only to shield itself from unsustainable losses, but also to cater for claims like yours. The bankruptcy filing is to help the court divide the BSA’s substantial assets and fairly compensate litigants.

So, if you are bringing a claim and are desirous of compensation, time is of the essence. Already the Bankruptcy court has set November 16, 2020 as a bar date for survivors to file a claim in bankruptcy. That means that anyone who fails to file their claim by the deadline will lose any right of action against the BSA forever. They will be barred from any claims against the BSA. 

This bar date applies only to the National BSA and will not affect any claim you may have against the local councils of the Boy Scouts or any other party. For these entities, you will be able to claim through a separate action preferably before the statute of limitation expires. 

Our Boy Scouts lawsuit attorneys at Oshan & Associates are perfectly capable to represent your claim. If you are a survivor of childhood sexual abuse at the hands of Scoutmasters and other Boy Scout officials, you are not alone. Our competent attorney, Eric Oshan is has decades of experience and the requisite competence to deal with your unique circumstances. We can get you the best possible result from your claim. You can schedule a free, no-risk consultation at (206) 335-3880 or (621)-421-4062.

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