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BSA Victim Stories – Juarez

BSA Victim Stories – Juarez

The case of Juarez v. Boys Scout of America is another one of the deluge of Sexual Abuse lawsuits that has been filed against the BSA. Like many other cases, they premised it on negligence of the organization for its failure to screen out predators and pedophiles. 

Unfortunately, it ended sadly because of a lack of sufficient facts. Considering recent evidence today and with competent BSA Sexual Abuse Attorneys, a similar matter should be decided differently. Our Boys Scout Lawsuit attorneys at Oshan and Associates can help you recover compensation on your case. 

Facts of the Case

The Juarez case decided in 2000 was filed by Juarez who was a former member of the boys scout troop. He filed the case against the BSA and a local church on grounds that a scoutmaster in the ranks of the BSA had sexually molested him on officially sanction events. 

According to him, the BSA and the church knew or ought to have known of the deviant propensities of the alleged abuser and yet failed to screen him out. 

Legal Arguments and Reliefs Claimed 

The crux of Juarez’s case against the BSA was hinged on negligence like many cases before him. His claim was that the BSA was negligent in doing or failing to do the following;

  • Failing to conduct a proper background check before hiring a scoutmaster.
  • Failing to conduct due monitoring and supervision in camping to protect young male scouts from sexual abuse.
  • Keeping a reported predator in their ranks despite having knowledge of his deviant propensities. 
  • Failing to conduct clear and proper oversight and education of troop 255. 

On the whole, he claimed that the BSA were liable for negligent selection, supervision and retention of scoutmasters with a propensity to molest. 


The trial court rejected the negligence claim on grounds that there wasn’t sufficient evidence in support. The court hinged the decision on the lack of information accessible to the scouts to cause a reasonable suspicion of the alleged abusing scoutmaster.

We are currently taking Cases 

We have discovered from our investigation that the facts of this case is like many other sexual abuse cases against the BSA. An evidence of this is the “Perversion files” or “ineligible volunteer” files recently made public. Despite receiving the abuse allegations, the BSA kept the names secret and sometimes allowed the predators back to work. 

Studies suggest that the case may have been decided differently considering additional evidence. In fact, there has been an overwhelming number of successful cases recently leading to a bankruptcy filing by the association. 

A credible case, good case management strategy, timely filing and diligent prosecution will almost certainly guarantee you justice and recovery of fair compensation. Our Boys scout sexual abuse attorneys at Oshan and associates can guarantee you these and more, including a free initial consultation. We understand the sensitive nature of these cases and you are assured of our confidentiality and professionalism. Contact us now to discuss your case. 

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